35-55 minutes (approximately)

Learning Outcomes

  • Practice talking about quote integration
  • Find relevant quotes based on the text
  • Use Graff and Birkenstein’s model to integrate a quote

Prerequisite Reading

Graff and Birkenstein’s They Say, I Say, “The Art of Quotation”

Assignment Description

  1. Select a partner. (1 minute)
  2. Choose a narrative from the archive as a base text. (1-2 minutes(
  3. Role play a consulting situation in which a client comes into the center with their literacy narrative draft, but it still lacks a relevant quotation (a required part of the assignment description).
    1. Briefly read over the narrative together. (5-10 minutes)
    2. Brainstorm with the client to think of what makes a quotation relevant. (5-10 minutes)
    3. Help the client find a relevant quotation. (5-10 minutes)
    4. Use the Graff and Birkenstein integration model to help the client work a quotation into their narrative. Consider using terms like introduction, quotation, citation, and explanation as you work with the client. (5-10 minutes)
    5. Discuss with your partner or (in a larger group setting) with a group of fellow consultants how using template can be useful (or not useful) to potential clients. (5-10 minutes)